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My nephew has a litter of boxer puppies looking for forever homes. They will be ready October 17, 2015. They are not registered, however, are full-blooded. His sire is one of our pups who is a sealed reverse brindle. Visit our Available Puppies page for pictures and information.

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We value our puppies and want them to have the best start so we provide NuVet to all of our puppies and adult boxers, continue giving NuVet to your puppy or start now. Click to order NuVet. Or call 1-800-474-7044 (use code 89777 when placing your order)

All of our puppies are weaned at 4-6 weeks of age, but they still receive quality feed Exclusive Large Breed Puppy Food provides everything our puppies need to grow big and strong. Check out their information and see where to purchase your next bag. Puppies are sent home with a sample bag.

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