Canine Courtesy


Clean up after your dog, whether in your yard or in a public place.

People take pride in a clean community.

Train your dog to avoid excessive barking.

Barking dogs can become a nuisance to the neighborhood.

Keep your dog on a leash when walking in a public area.

People appreciate well-mannered dogs that are under control.

Make sure your dog does not run loose in the neighborhood.

It’s dangerous for the dog and the community.

Teach your dog to accept friendly strangers, such as neighbors and delivery people.

No one likes to be greeted by a noisy, snarling dog.

Keep your dog clean and well groomed. People appreciate dogs without fleas.

Take necessary precautions to assure your dog

does no harm to your neighbor’s gardens or property.

This will make for a better friendship and save you money.

Confine your dogs to prevent unwanted litters.

Help your dog become a Canine Good Citizen®.



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