Myths About White Boxers


is that White Boxers are born deaf & are not trainable.
THIS IS UNTRUE! Although there is a higher incidence of deafness in a white Boxer not all are deaf. Deaf Boxers can be trained using a variety of methods including hand signals, ASL (American Sign Language,) Lazers & flashlights and more. Training any Boxer, hearing or not, requires time, patience & understanding as well as the ability to make the lessons fun.
Please read Beau's Page he is the perfect example of what a Deaf Dog can accomplish.

To learn more about Deaf Dogs Please Visit the
Deaf Dog Education Action Fund at to help a dog in need.

is that White Boxers cannot be registered.
THIS IS UNTRUE! as stated above White Boxers can be registered with the American Kennel Club. However, they can not been shown in the AKC conformation ring. White boxers are welcome to compete in Agility, Obedience, Flyball, Rally ect. White Boxers registered with IABCA (International All Breed Canine Association) can be shown in conformation.

is that White Boxers are rare.
THIS IS UNTRUE! Approximately 1/4 (25%) of all Boxers are born white or checked. In fact, the foundation dogs for the Boxer breed were white. Meta V.D. Passage (white) is known as the "mother of the Boxer" She is the granddaughter of Dr. Toenniessen's Tom (the bulldog) X Alt's Schecken (checked) & the daughter of the White Piccolo v. Angertor X Ch. Blanka v. Angertor also white.
(See Photos Below)
Since White Boxers do not conform to the current standard of the American Boxer Club (ABC) and the American Kennel Club (AKC), many are still euthanized by their "breeders". This deeply sickens me. AKC allows for white boxers to have full registration, however it is against the ABC's code of ethics for breeders to give them more than limited papers.

is that White Boxers develop more health problems & are sicker than the Fawn or Brindle Boxers.
THIS IS UNTRUE! All boxers are prone to certain conditions that have nothing to do with their color. Heart disease, hypothyroidism, & cancer can afflict any boxer, regardless of color. Because a Boxer is born white does not mean that it is going to be unhealthy. No clinical evidence has been recorded showing the White Boxer is at higher risk for health problems. There are only two extra health concerns with white Boxers. The first is that an estimated 18% of white boxers are unilaterally (one ear) or bilaterally (both ears) deaf. This deafness is caused by a lack of pigmentation in the inner ear, & can be detected at an early age.

is that White Boxers are albinos.

White Boxers are not albinos. Albinos completely lack pigment which is evident by pink eyes, and a complete lack of color anywhere on the body. Most white boxers have some spots on their skin (which can be seen due to their short white coats) and have some dark markings around their nose and mouth. Some white boxers have colored markings in their coat (brown spots around an eye or on the back, etc). All white boxers have pigment in their eyes even the sky blue eyes are pigmented. These facts alone rule out albinism as the cause of their whiteness.

is that White Boxers are mean.
THIS IS UNTRUE! and one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. A Boxer is a Boxer is a Boxer. A Boxer being mean has nothing to do with color. It is due to poor genetics, bad breeding, & a poor environment.


29 March 1896 - Boxer fanciers at the first Deutscher Boxer Club show.
Location - Home of Joseph Himmelreich
Judge - Elard Konig
Entries – 20


(Several were white, some were white with patches of brindle or fawn & Others were black)

Picture of the first dog show held in Munich at 1895.


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