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The following information must be obtained and approved before Kelly’s Boxers will accept any breeding contract with our studs:
A photocopy of your dam's AKC Registration. (We do not accept any other registrars)
A legible four year AKC generation pedigree.
Recent photograph of the dam. (Front and Side views)


The stud fee for Zeke $ 600.00.

The stud fee for Boomer is $ 600.00.

The stud fee for Rusty is $ 600.00.
One or more live saleable puppies, constitutes a litter.
If the dam does not whelp one or more live puppies, a return service will be given to the same dam at the next season without an additional fee. Any other conditions/agreements will be noted and initialed by both parties under additional information on this document.
Kelly’s Boxers will sign for the full registration puppies produced by this breeding, only if the Dam owner produces copies of contracts with buyers, otherwise limited registration will be required.

The dam owner also agrees to sell puppies resulting from this breeding with a sales contract indicating that, if for any reason a purchaser of a puppy can no longer keep the puppy, the breeder requires the return of the puppy to them to be resold to a suitable home.

The owner of the dam warrants that this dam has not been exposed to any stud dog prior to her arrival and that he/she will protect her from exposure upon her return home. A litter is not eligible for AKC Registration if the serviced dam is serviced by a second male during this heat cycle, nor is the owner of the dam entitled to a free repeat breeding.



Be sure to review the stud contract!

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