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11 Cottonwood Strong City, KS 66869
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Reg. Name:

Ezekiel Zeke Rockwell

Reg. #:

WS 047016/11



Birth Date:





Fawn White Markings

Breeder (s):

Shirley J Nelson

Lil Critters Sir Sonny Logan
WR058827/01 08-03
Fawn White Markings

Gold Medal's Regal Edition
WP990227/02 04-02
Brindle & White

CH Gold Medal's Limited Edition NA NAJ
WP611617/02 05-96 Brindle

CH Brettendale's Gold Medal WG440822 10-91

Brindle & White

CH Santi Me Jet Setter WP338058/02 12-93

Brindle & White

Gold Medal's Crowning Glory
WP815805/02 03-00 Brindle Black Mask

CH Woods End Crown Sable WF768127 03-87

Fawn Black Mask

CH Santi Me Jet Setter WP338058/02 12-93

Brindle & White

Lacy J's Ziggy Stardust
WP922059/10 02-01 Fawn Black Mask

Holly's Mr Jake
WP376180/01 07-94 Fawn Black

S A M S O N A D O R N WP249110/01 04-92

Fawn & White

Mitzie Velvetear Lewis WG493774 04-92

Fawn & White

Lacy J's Nyoaka Lane
WP847515/09 09-99 Fawn White Markings

Logan Lucas Belle WP662659/08 07-98

Fawn White Marking

Maxi J's Mincoya Lane WP722665/04 07-98

Fawn Black Mask

Little Critters Oxana Kae
WR056508/07 10-03
Fawn Black Mask

Mon Les Meilleur Ami Rocheux
WP916455/02 03-02
Fawn Black Mask, White Markings

Billy Buster Brown
WP519940/07 05-97
Fawn Black Mask

Brewzer Rocky Taw Parsons WP272839/01 08-92

Fawn & White

Miss Dutchess Cloud Chief WP419236/01 02-94

Fawn White

Daisy Babe Duke
WP531118/04 08-95
Fawn Black Mask

Guys Scotty Duke WP408785/05 04-94

Brindle White Markings

Snickers Ranger Lulu WP379696/03 04-94

Fawn White Markings

Heidi Der Stern Felsigen Anges
WR009889/09 03-02
Fawn Black Mask

Cojos Rocky Rip
WP876502/04 03-00
Fawn Black Mask, White

Beaty's Kojo My Boy WP720802/01 12-97

Fawn Black Mask

Miss Spitfire WP743240/03 12-98

Fawn Black Mask

Miss Georgia Duchess
WP662441/03 11-97
Fawn White Markings

The Larsons Back Door Bandit WG338906 03-93

Fawn & White

Mandy Jo Georgia WP393401/08 12-93

Fawn White Markings







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