How to prepare & survive a dog attack!

My mother was attacked by a boxer recently. Although it is not common for a boxer to attack, each dog has unique temperament and training. You never know when a dog may attack so always be aware and prepared.

Dog attacks could happen while running, hiking, or other outdoor activities. If a dog feels threatened it may attack. The best defense against a dog attack is to avoid it.

How to Avoid a Dog Attack

1. Do Not Panic. Dogs can sense body language, tone of voice, etc. so stay calm and try not to panic!

2. If a dog is on a leash stay back with enough distance between you and the dog.

3. Never approach a dog unless given permission from the owner. You never know what that dog is capable of or if it is friendly.

4. Always be careful around dogs that are sleeping or eating. Dogs can be defensive when awoken and with their food.

5. Signs that a dog may attack are barking, growling, snarling and raised fur on their back. A dog wagging its tail doesn’t mean they are friendly.

6. Avoid eye contact as this may indicate a sign of aggression.

7. Do not run away. The dog may chase you making an attack imminent.

8. Stand completely still and rigid, like a tree avoiding eye contact appearing less threatening. (Note: the dog may stiff or come close just remain calm and still)

9. Try to keep something between you and the dog (tree, vehicle, etc.) to possibly slow the dog down or distract it.

10. Never smile at a hostile dog. Showing teeth may signify aggression.

11. Do not yell or use whistle. It may increase aggression in the dog.

12. Distract the dog by throwing something away from the dog to get their attention so you have an opportunity to escape.

How To Defend Against a Dog Attack

1. Using a strong, deep, commanding voice tell the dog to “Back Away”, “Stop” or “No”.

2. Use mace or pepper spray if you carry it with you.

3. Always protect your face, neck and chest.

4. Find something heavy nearby to use as a weapon.

5. Use your weight to pin the dog down placing pressure on the dog’s neck with your forearm until they lose consciousness.

6. The best defense against a dog attack is simply protecting yourself. Protect your vital areas chest, head and neck. Stay calm and lay face down, pull your knees up to your chest, bring your fists up to your ears.

Best Defenses Against a Dog Attack

The best way to protect yourself against a dog attack is to be prepared. Below are products to carry with you not only for potential dog attacks, but other animal attacks as well. Don’t leave yourself defenseless.

1. Guard Dog Security Pepper Spray. 

2. Mace Brand Muzzle Canine Repellent.

3. SABRE Dog Attack Deterrent.

After a Dog Attack Care

1. Assess the injuries and call 911 if needed.

2. Ask the owner if the dog is current on vaccinations, including rabies vaccine.

3. If there is bleeding, apply pressure with material, such as shirt, towel, or washcloth until the bleeding stops.

4. If needed proceed to the doctor or hospital for further assessment and care.

If stitches are not needed, continue cleaning the wound several times a day with antibacterial soap and water. Apply antibiotic ointment and sterile bandage.